The approach of sacramental confession demonstrates the desire to change things in our lives. In particular, let yourself be touched by the Mercy of God, who welcomes with open arms those who want to meet Him, and in a special way, within the confession.

Sacramental confession shows us that God is good and omnipotent, and that He removes from us all that stops us, so that without any hindrance, neither spirit, nor body, we are free to accomplish His will. Thus, Jesus Christ, our Lord and our brother, demonstrates the love of the Father for the small and the poor, the sick, the oppressed and the afflicted; for everyone who wants Jesus, through his word and deeds, has announced to the world that God is truly a Father and that He takes care of all His children.



The priest, by his ordination, is committed to following Jesus Christ when hearing the confessions, in order to give life to an authentic experience of God's merciful love to all who wish to reflect on their actions, seeking to be more righteous and more attentive. With prudence, absolute discretion, patience, discernment and goodness, the priest pronounces absolution following the confession of the sinner.



The approach of one who seeks to be a better person for himself and his community requires humility. But it truly liberates them. This person identifies his mistakes, those they wish for God's help with. They truly repent for them and, at the moment of their confession, they must have the firm intention of not repeating these mistakes. When they receive the absolution of the priest who conveys the mercy of God, they are invited to make a gesture of reparation as a sign of renewal in their life.



In the context of the current pandemic, the sacrament is offered by appointment only. Please use the form available on this page to request an appointment or call us at 514-842-2925, ext. 224.