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Help Preserve One of Montréal's Most Iconic Buildings

The Basilica began major restoration work in 2020, which will take over fifteen years to complete. The estimated completion date is around 2040. We have already spent more than 10 million dollars, and your contributions are needed to continue our efforts.


The Basilica's heritage tells a story, the collective story of our ancestors who made the dream of one of the most important neo-Gothic architectural works a reality.


Your donation will enable us to carry out the maintenance and restoration work necessary to ensure the longevity of Notre-Dame so that future generations can also visit and admire it, and soak up its timeless beauty. 


Please note that an official donation receipt for income tax purposes is only issued for donations of $55 or more.


We thank you for your generosity.

Activities at Notre-Dame

Notre Dame Socality 00013

Sightseeing Visit

Shining by day.


Discover the history and heritage of an emblematic Montreal site, from the origins of the urban colony to today's imposing neo-Gothic church.

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The AURA Experience by Moment Factory

Glowing by night.


By creating a visual and musical universe of captivating beauty and combining it with the timeless beauty of the Notre-Dame Basilica, Moment Factory has succeeded in creating a divinely unique masterpiece, in which the Basilica acts as both muse and canvas.

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Matinees at Notre-Dame

Attend a concert featuring classical music and jazz at the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur Chapel. 

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Have a Seat at the Casavant Organ

Have a seat at the Casavant Organ for a classical concert with a unique repertoire and partake in a sightseeing visit of the Basilica.

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Combined Offer: Sightseeing Visit (daytime) & The AURA Experience (evening)

Shining by day. Glowing by night.


Enjoy the best of both worlds at a reduced price - a special package including a performance of The AURA Experience and a tour of the Basilica!


Starting from $45 for both activities.