Useful Information

Informational Pamphlet

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Download your copy of our informational pamphlet to find out more about the Basilica. This visual guide can also accompany you during your sightseeing visit.

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Sightseeing Visit

Shining by day.


Discover the history and heritage of an emblematic Montreal site, from the origins of the urban colony to today's imposing neo-Gothic church.

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Combined Offer: Sightseeing Visit (daytime) & The AURA Experience (evening)

Shining by day. Glowing by night.


Enjoy the best of both worlds at a reduced price - a special package including a performance of The AURA Experience and a tour of the Basilica!


Starting from $45 for both activities.

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The AURA Experience by Moment Factory

Glowing by night.


By creating a visual and musical universe of captivating beauty and combining it with the timeless beauty of the Notre-Dame Basilica, Moment Factory has succeeded in creating a divinely unique masterpiece, in which the Basilica acts as both muse and canvas.