Baptism is the birth of a new life in Christ.

Through baptism, one becomes the adopted son or daughter of God, a temple of the Holy Spirit, a member of Christ’s body, the Church.

The Basilica is pleased to accompany your child through this important step in the life of a Christian.



Every Sunday at 1:30 PM in the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré Coeur chapel, there is a celebration of community baptisms (a maximum of four (4) children per celebration). A priest will coordinate with you to set the date and the preparatory meeting for the baptism. The parents, as well as the godfather and the godmother, must attend a preparatory meeting for baptism.

This celebration and meeting are offered in French or English.

The godfather and godmother are Catholic, baptized and confirmed.

For more information, please call 514 842-2925.

For baptisms of school-aged children, please call 514 842-2925 ext.311.

For baptisms of adults, please call 514 842-2925 ext. 303.


For information or reservations, please contact
(514) 842-2925, extension 224
Fax: (514) 842-3370
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