The Essence of this Sacrament

The sacrament of confession demonstrates the desire to change things in one’s life. In particular, to allow oneself to be touched by the mercy of God, who welcomes, with open arms, those who want to meet him in a very special way, through confession. The sacrament of confession shows that God is good and merciful and that he removes from us all that hinders us, so that without any hindrance, neither of spirit nor of body, we may be free to do his will.

Jesus, through his words and deeds, announced to the world that God is truly a Father and that he cares for all his children.

As part of the sacrament of confession, priests become the instrument of God’s love.

Receiving the Sacrament of Confession

Due to the pandemic, this sacrament is offered by appointment only. Please use the form on this page to request an appointment or call us at 514-842-2925, Ext. 224.

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