Funerals and commemorative masses

The priest welcomes the bereaved family to accompany them and be a bearer of hope.

Together, they prepare a meaningful celebration for those who have lost a loved one.

Funerals or Commemorative Masses may be celebrated in the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur chapel at the Basilica from Monday to Saturday.

For more information on this, please call 514 842-2925 or send us a message via the form on the right. Please note that no ceremonies are held on Sundays.

Funerals may also be held in the Notre-Dame de la Résurrection Chapel, at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery.

For more information, please visit the cemetery website or call 514 735-1361. On the first Saturday of each month, two commemorative masses are held at the cemetery's Notre-Dame de la Résurrection chapel, at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM.

For more information, please call 514 842-2925, extension 224.