Throughout the year, celebrations in the liturgical calendar are marked by special ceremonies that are open to all. The organ is always played during these services, and there are often hymns and other activities. Sometimes the choir sings. Every celebration offers the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience in this gloriously beautiful place.

Please consult regularly our News and activities' page regularly for the dates and times of these special ceremonies.


The Basilica welcomes you to celebrate together the Paschal triduum. 


Holy Thursday – April 18

8AM to 4:30PM : Prayers and visits

6:30PM : Doors opening

7:30PM  : Celebration of The Last Supper

9PM to 10PM : Adoration at the Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur Chapel


Good Friday - April 19

8AM to 3PM : Prayers only. No visits allowed. 

2:15PM to 3PM : Confessions.

3PM : Celebration of our Lord's Passion. 

5:30PM: Closing of the doors. 


Holy Saturday – April 20

8AM to 4PM : Prayers and visits (guided tours in the afternoon only). 

7PM : Opening ot the doors

7:30PM : Confessions

8PM : Easter Vigil

10:30PM : Closing


Easter – April 21st

8AM : Liturgical celebration

9:30AM : Liturgical celebration

11AM : Liturgical celebration

12:30PM to 4PM : Prayers and guided tours.

5PM : Liturgical celebration