Getting married at the Basilica

The Basilica is pleased to be part of memorable memories of many people who choose this beautiful place to get married.

Weddings are celebrated at the sublime Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur chapel and at the Basilica, usually on Saturdays. The wedding venue is reserved for the couple.

Please note that no weddings are held on Sundays.

A wedding is a celebration that requires careful preparation. In order to make your wedding plans come true, we ask you to please contact us in accordance with the following deadlines:

If you are from the Montreal area, you must contact us six (6) months in advance, to reserve the dates and times that are available.

If you are from outside, you must contact us eight (8) months in advance, to reserve the dates and times that are available.


The overseeing priest opens the file and walks through the steps with the couple. The steps that will lead to the marriage ceremony are as follows:

  • Obtaining baptism and Confirmation certificates, and photocopies of the birth certificates;
  • The prenuptial investigation and the deepening of the pastoral meaning of marriage with the priest who will be presiding over the ceremony;
  • Marriage preparation: the couple may register for the marriage preparation course at any official organization recognized by the Archdiocese of Montreal;
  • Selection of a date for the wedding rehearsal, usually one week prior to the wedding ceremony.

Note: Please note that the overseeing priest meets all the couples. He will tell you who will accompany you in your preparations and who will celebrate your wedding.


On your wedding day, in front of your relatives and friends and in the presence of God, you commit yourself, without constraint from who or of what, to create a true union of life and love with your spouse, as understood by the Church, consecrated by Christ in the sacrament of marriage. You believe that in the sacrament of marriage, Jesus commits with you and consecrates your union. With Him, you will be able to answer His call.


For information or reservations, please contact 514 842-2925, extension 224.
Fax: 514 842-3370.
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