Discover Notre-Dame Basilica

Due to COVID-19, all tourist activities (including tours) are suspended until further notice. No tours of the basilica are possible.
Due to the uncertainty of the circumstances surrounding the pandemic, we are unable at this time to predict a date for the reopening in 2021.
Thank you for your patience! 

Immerse yourself in the history and discover the riches of Notre-Dame. Let yourself be amazed by its majestic interior, carved, painted and gilded with gold leaves.


Indeed, you are also entitled to a guided tour of 20 minutes, every day, in French and English. Guided tours allow you to discover the main areas of the history of the Notre-Dame parish, its stages of construction, its art and its architecture. We have free copies of leaflets available in several languages for those who wish to explore the Basilica by themselves.




Guided tours of 20 minutes are held regularly in French and English. The schedule varies according to the season, the days of the week and the special events. Contact us for more details. All the faithful attendees who wish to come and reflect are welcome during the Basilica’s working hours, except special ceremonies.

Note: The Basilica is regularly the scene for special events (weddings, funerals, etc.). Scheduled activities can be disrupted. The Basilica reserves the right to change the schedule of visits without prior notice.



You can also arrange a group activity! With friends, or family, or as a social activity, it makes for a beautiful outing! Group tours are available for 10 people or more.

For more information, please visit the Group rates page.



For more information about our rates, please visit the Individual rates or Group rates page.