Notre-Dame Hall

Notre-Dame Hall Overview

  • Can accommodate up to 60 standing guests and 50 seated guests;

  • Large windows for generous brightness;

  • Access adapted for people with reduced mobility;

  • Alcohol and food accepted;

  • Furniture included (tables and chairs).


An ideal room for...

  • Your professional trainings;

  • Your press conferences;

  • Your annual general meetings.


Rates and rental conditions

$350 taxes included for a minimum of 3 hours.

$100 taxes included for each additional hour.

$200 per additional hour after 11 p.m.

Payment must be made in full 10 days before the event.


Obligations of the tenant

Make their own application to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux to obtain a liquor and reunion permit;

Find and manage their caterer;

Clearly communicate to us any equipment needs in order to validate inclusions or exclusions.


Please note the following

There is no parking included.

Technical equipment (screen, projector, etc.) is at the expense of the tenant.

Notre-Dame Basilica reserves the right to refuse certain event themes if they conflict with the values of the institution.