Sunday, May 5th 2019 - benefit concert for Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral 

The Fondation de la basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal invites you to show your support and will to see Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral rebuilt by participating to a benefit concert given by the Basilica's titular organist Pierre Grandmaison.

The program? Be prepared for a somptuous hour of organ to honor Jean-Sébastien Bach and the greatest French composers in the magnificent Basilica's decor.

Tickets are available for 30$ plus tax online, or 35$ at the Basilica the evening of the concert (cash only at the door). All proceeds will go to the Fonds québécois de solidarité pour la reconstruction de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (Québec solidarity funf for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral). 

Ticketpro won't charge any fee services in support of the events.


About the Foundation

The Fondation de la Basilique Notre-Dame supports the activities and growth of Notre-Dame Basilica while forging ties between the Basilica and the Montréal community. Self-funded, the Basilica strives to enhance, preserve and showcase its collections and archives. Its future plans include working with partners to create an educational program to make schools more aware of its history. Recognized as a jewel of Québec and Canadian heritage, Notre-Dame Basilica draws more than a million pilgrims, worshippers and visitors every year.